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Learn To Treat Severe Diseases with Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training

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Become a Therapeutic Iyengar Yoga Teacher

With Therapeutic Iyengar Yoga teacher training in India, you not only learn a new and unique way of living but also learn new way of treating severe diseases without medications.

iyengar yoga teacher training course in jaipur, this course provides you an extensive yoga training under the guidance of International Therapeutic Yoga Teacher.

This therapeutic yoga course helps you learn human anatomy and physiology for correct implementation of the science of therapeutic yoga. This Therapeuic Iyengar yoga teacher training institute helps you understand the use of props and the value of alignment and posture of the asana.

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An Overview

What You will Learn in Yoga Teacher Training Course in Jaipur

In Therapeutic Iyengar Yoga Teacher Training India, you will get training in Iyengar Yoga, Therapeuic Yoga, Pranayama, Human Anatomy, Alignment and Posture, Asanas, History and Philosophy of Yoga and various yoga sequences to treat diseases with practical implementation.

Whether you are a beginner, an intermediate or an expert

who wants to enhance your knowledge. This yoga teacher training in Jaipur, is for all. You just need to select the right course made for you.

Featured Yoga Teacher Training Courses

There are 3 types of Therapeutic Iyengar yoga teacher training courses provided by our team ranging from 100 hours to 300 hours.

100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course

It is for those who are already a yoga teacher. They can learn Therapeuic Iyengar Yoga which can add on to their yoga skills.

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course

It is for intermediate yoga students who have significant experience in the field of yoga.

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course

It is for beginners who want to make or proceed for their career in Yoga.

Why Choose Us?

  • Best Therapeutic Iyengar Yoga Center in India
  • 100% Practical Yoga Training Course
  • Practical Overview of asanas and Pranayama
  • Live Practical Opportunity to treat patients
  • Provides Study Material
  • Provides Individual Props Kit
  • Provides Yoga Training Certificate
  • Accommodation Facility Available
  • Class Strength of 18-20 Students

What Our Student Says?


What You Will Learn?

Course will start with Brief about Iyengar Yoga and its uniqueness. This will clarify your questions like:

  1. What is Iyengar Yoga?
  2. Who developed Iyengar Yoga?
  3. Why is Iyengar Yoga unique?
  4. What are the benefits of Iyengar Yoga?
  5. and much more about Iyengar Yoga......

As Iyengar Yoga itself is unique because props are used in for asanas and pranayamas. So an important step to learning Iyengar Yoga is the use of props. This will clarify your questions like:

  1. What are Props?
  2. Why props are used?
  3. What kind of props are used?
  4. Benefits of props?
  5. and much more about Props......

Iyengar Yoga mainly focus on correct alignment and posture of the body. If the alignment of the body and posture while doing asanas is not correct. Then, one will not be able to get the proper benefit. In other words, Without correct alignment & posture, Yoga you are doing is not Iyengar Yoga. This part will clarify your questions like :

  1. Why alignment & posture matters in Iyengar Yoga?
  2. What is the correct alignment of the body?
  3. How to perform asanas and pranayamas with perfect posture?
  4. and much more about Alignment & Posture......

A Therapeutic Iyengar Yoga Teacher must know about the anatomy of a human body. As some kinds of asanas and tractions are so typical that cannot be performed without knowing how much pressure to apply on a particular part of the body. So that's why this section is so important that will cover the anatomy of the human body.

This is very important to know the philosophy of Yoga, philosophy of asanas and philosophy of pranayamas. This section will clarify your questions like :

  1. Where Yoga can take you?
  2. What yoga can do?
  3. Why yoga relates to life?
  4. Why asanas do something?
  5. Why pranayamas are related to inner self?
  6. and much more about What Yoga can do......?

Iyengar Yoga along with maintaining health is capable to treat diseases in the body. Diseases Treatment is what included in this part. All the major diseases and how Therapeutic Iyengar Yoga treats them will be discussed in this section of the syllabus.

Practising Pranayama is an art because it is interlinked with our soul and breath. So, this section will take you deep into yourself.

About The Yoga Teacher (Yogacharya)

yoga teacher training institute

International Yogacharya Rajveer Singh Chouhan is an expert Therapeutic Iyengar Yoga Teacher in India and Director of Live With Yoga. He has trained 1000s of yoga teachers and has treated 10,000+ patients worldwide. He is on a mission to make everyone live disease free with therapeutic yoga. For this, he is training and treating people with Therapeutic Iyengar Yoga. He train students and yoga teacher in Jaipur, Rajasthan and also visit various places like Rishikesh, Delhi, Mumbai, Italy, France, Switzerland, etc. to provide Therapeutic Iyengar Yoga Teacher Training.