The time to make your passion your profession has come, LIVE WITH YOGA has come up with their 100 hours of online yoga teacher training course. Enroll yourself as soon as possible. Learn the art of teaching yoga in the comfort of your home from the best yoga teachers around the Globe. This course will accredit you with our Institute certificate which will make you eligible to teach Yoga across India.

Course timing 12.30 pm to 4.30 pm Monday to Saturday

LIVE WITH YOGA, JAIPUR is one of the best Therapeutic Yoga Centers in India which is serving 100% Practical Yoga Training Courses with a Practical Overview of asanas and Pranayama. This newly launched online yoga course will also be taken as passionately and as sincerely as other In-Person courses are taken. 

Certification of 100-Hours Yoga Teacher Training

After the completion of this 100 hours of online yoga teacher training course, you will be certified with our Institute’s Certificate. LIVE WITH YOGA aims to build and establish a spirit of passion amongst yoga practitioners and infuse a zeal to pursue what they love. This course has been designed considering all age groups so both beginner and expert level practitioners can join hands with us in this journey of learning yoga.

Highlights of Our Online Yoga teacher training Course

  • 100% practical training with actual patients
  • 2-3 hours daily session
  • Personalised teaching approach to each learner
  • Learning from the best yoga teachers across India who are highly skilled and knowledgeable.
Pre-arrangements for online yoga teacher training course

Every candidate for the online Yoga teacher training course needs to arrange certain things beforehand. Following are the mandatory arrangements that need to be taken care of  before the beginning of the course:

  • A yoga mat for practising yoga
  • A Computer or a smartphone for joining online classes
  • An undistorted and good internet connection
  • A peaceful place for attending yoga sessions
  • The motivated and dedicated approach regarding the programme.
Why we?
  • Training from the best of the best yoga teachers around the globe.
  • Each learner will be given appropriate opportunities for resolution of their Queries.
  • The supportive attitude of trainers.
  • We take our online courses as seriously and passionately as we take our offline courses.
  • A trusted Institute for learning yoga headed by an international yoga trainer. 
  • Therapeutic Yoga
  • Use of props
  • Alignment and posture
  • Anatomy 
  • Yogic philosophy
  • Asanas and Pranayama
  • Yoga teaching methodology

Styles of Yoga you will Learn at Live with Yoga

Our Yoga training in India is divided into two parts. Therapeutic Yoga and Hatha Yoga. For a better understanding Yoga Teacher Training in India “Live with Yoga” also provide Props and theoretical knowledge. Trainees are carefully supervised by experts and delivered with complete help. The styles of Yoga are:

Therapeutic Yoga

Our therapeutic yoga part of course focuses on Supportive yoga which includes performing yoga with props. It is one of the specialities of Live with Yoga where you learn to perform yoga postures and exercises through props.

In Hindi “hatha” refers to stubbornness, so Hatha Yoga can be understood as rigorous practice of yoga asanas to a point where they become a part of muscle memory. It means the postures and exercises become a basic instinct that is carried out without any emotions or effort.

Yoga with Props

Usage of Props Makes Yoga Practice Easy for Beginners

Therapeutic Yoga Experts

Yoga Taught by therapeutic yoga teachers who are master of their craft

Focus on Alignment

Main Goal of our Yoga Classes is to correct yoga postures and its alignment

International Yogacharya

Learn Yoga from Therapeutic Yoga Expert - Rajveer Singh Chouhan

Rajveer Singh Chouhan (International Yogacharya) is a Therapeutic Yoga Expert and founder of Live with Yoga. He has successfully treated and trained more than 4000 people from India, France, Australia, Italy, America, Canada and a lot of places over the globe till date with his expertise in Therapeutic Yoga.

He is a well-trained expert of Therapeutic Yoga with years of experience under his belt. Mr. Rajveer Singh and his team have dedicated themselves to treat & train people in Therapeutic yoga and let them experience the therapeutic benefits of yoga. He is continuously racing towards his prime aim to spread health and happiness through his yoga centre in Jaipur, India.

Our Team

We have a highly experienced team, which has specialized teachers for each subject in the course.

Terms and Conditions of the course:

All the participants are desired to follow all the mentioned below guidelines:

  1. For online Yoga training sessions ZOOM APP will be used so all the participants are kindly requested to pre-download it on their mobile phones or laptop whichever is comfortable.
  2. All the participants will be provided with a Unique ID and all further interaction will be done with the same ID.
  3. Only those who are actively yoga practitioners can enroll themselves on online yoga teacher training courses. Beginners are not entitled to enrollment in teacher training online courses.
  4. If any candidate is suffering from any sort of injury then he or she is advised to consult their doctor or physician first before joining these courses.
  5.  It is pre-informed that the candidature will be solely responsible for the occurrence of any risk, injury or damages which might occur due to carelessness during these classes.
  6. During these online classes, the candidate will be the one who will assess his or her limitations and perform accordingly as per their capacity.
  7. The class being 0nline requires good internet connectivity and any distortion in connectivity on the end of the participant will not be entertained by the yoga teacher trainer.
  8. The candidate needs to make sure that the positioning of the smartphone or the laptop is appropriate and that the teacher is able to see the candidate properly.
  9. If any information provided by the candidate seems to be wrong then his or her application will stand cancelled at any stage.

Refund Policy

  • Afterwards the beginning of the course there will be no refund of the payment made for the course. 
  • In any case, if the candidate wants to discontinue the course, then he will be solely responsible for the decision taken and the fees submitted for the course would not be refunded. 
  • In case the teacher training course event does not go live then all the candidates will be eligible for a refund or the amount of the event will be adjusted towards another programme of the institute, whichever the participant is comfortable with. 
  • In any case, Partial refunds will not be made for any sort of connectivity issues or disruption even if the issues are faced on our end, we will take up all the necessary steps to make up for this and complete the course with full sincerity. 


What people say about us
  • I’ve benefited a lot from my 10 days at Live With Yoga. Not only my lower back pain has come down, but I also feel my back has strengthened quite a bit. I now have a regular Yoga practice at home.

    The studio itself is very well equipped and the teachers are very knowledgeable and very helpful. I’m very glad to have found an authentic therapeutic yoga place like this one.

  • I attended the Therapeutic yoga Teacher Training Course in Italy and it was a very great experience for me.

    It improved my self practice and learn the basis of therapeutic classes.

    It was really inspiring and aspiring to learn from Rajveer Singh not only the practice but also the philosophy of Yoga. thank you very much for this experience!

  • I have herniated disc. When I joined here usually after sitting I had a limp in my walk-in few steps and there was pain almost every day. Within 15 days all that limp and pain went away. I was amazed at the fact that the limp didn’t came back again even after 11 months or so. I have joined again as I want to completely heal my spine. Here Rajveer Sir, Rajkumar Sir, Bhavani Sir and Mukesh Sir are amazing and they will go extra mile to help you.

  • I would suggest everyone whether suffering from any disease or not to join Live With Yoga! It’s altogether a new, refreshing and life changing experience!
    Teachers are all so very dedicated and humble!
    You get healed not only physically but spiritually as well! Best way to inculcate discipline in your life!
    Thank you Rajveer sir and team for Live With Yoga! More power to you!!

  • Best ever experience ….in live with yoga…no medicines noo any other Drs. Consultancy only yoga therapy that heal our body mind and soul …i feel realll well ad completely.
    Fine fix in my body…i have slipdisk problem.and now i completely fine within 15-20 dayys ii feell muchmorrre bbetttwr then before thankuu all th faculty and rajveer sir for all your support …..
    thnxxx alot

  • Healing a patient through yoga, along with teaching him how to live life with positive energy, this big service cannot be done in today’s time.
    Thank you very much for this pious work.

  • I am verry happy so join live with yoga center. Great experience! Great heart man. I am very grateful. Very Rejuvenating place. All trainers are well experienced. Its Amazing.. Very good trainers and atomsphere.

  • Nice place and really helpful trainers.
    For a better, healthy and beautiful living it’s really amazing. I am here in live with yoga for last year and it is really great.

  • This course change my vision of teaching. I’m very grateful to Rajveer to all the things I understood thanks to him. I just attended the course and it was a wonderful experience.
    Teacher transmits everything he knows, that it is not from everyone. thanks for everything

  • From 2014 till 2016, I extremely suffered from slip disc and cervical spondylosis. I aggressively visited various expert doctors and neurologists in India, Europe and a lot more places. But in 2016 I decided to get it operated and that was a real mistake which increased my back pain. Then I discussed my pain with my friend who suggested me to once visit “Live With Yoga” An Therapeutic Yoga center in Jaipur and get therapeutic yoga treatment. Here I met International Yogacharya Rajveer Singh Chouhan as I by seeing all the process was little confused that whether I will be able to do yoga due to my critical condition or not. But the beauty of Therapeutic Yoga is that all asanas are practised with the help of supports. But now I am fit and fine with no back pain. All that slip disc, cervical pain just vanished and now I am addicted to practice Therapeutic Yoga daily.
    I recommend Live With Yoga for any kind of severe disease treatment or to maintain your health with Yoga. All are very supportive and caring.

  • I lived the therapeutic yengar yoga very well, Rajveer had corrected and teached me how can I connect my body and my mind through the asanas and pranayama. High professionalism and knowledge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Due to my continuous sitting work, i suffered from a severe neck pain for a long time. That i came to know from doctors is Cervical Spondylosis which has no permanent treatment or even no cure at all in modern science. But mysteriously i came to know about Live With Yoga center in Jaipur and met Yogacharya Rajveer Singh Chouhan regarding my disease and as i am feeling well now, you will be surprised to know that my neck pain goes away just with regular Therapeutic Yoga practice. I recommend everyone to experience Therapeutic Yoga (Supportive Yoga) at
    Live With Yoga which can along with treating diseases also maintains your health and so with perfect yoga practice.

  • Amazing experience at the yoga teacher’s training course held by instructor Rajveer in Italy.A very nice person and a qualified teacher!! Thanks for everything!!

  • Yoga therapy was and is a great experience for me. I am so glad and thankful to meet Rajveer here in Arese/ Milan. The month before i got a really big problem with my cervical spine and so the inflammation was in the end in my complete back and both arms untill the finger tips. Rajveer was writing a complete healing plan for me and everyday he trained me as a student to solve the main problem. It is a long and not easy way to to get out of these desaster, but today after some weeks i am really happy, because it is going much more better. Right now i am also allowed to take part again in regular Yoga lessons with him together with a smile on my face;))) Yoga therapy is a perfect and very proffessional way to solve a lot of our body movement problems.
    I am really really lucky to met him and that i got the chance that he took care of me!!! Thank you so much Rajveer!!!;)))

  • I did the 100h course therapeutic yoga with Rajveer Singh, I think it’s was a very autenthic experience, not only for the acquired skills, but only for my personal journeys.
    Rajveer teach me not only yoga, but also discipline in the yoga and in my life, teach me the correct way to follow to feel good with myself and with the people I care about.

    Rajveer teach that yoga is for all and is for everythings.
    He teach the true meaning of yoga practice.
    Find time to practice yoga every day and all will be fine.

    Furthermore before I did course I had practiced therapeutic yoga for 1 years to resolve different serious health problem.
    I obtained great results and I avoid also a serious surgery in hospital so I decided to do the therapeutic course not only to teach but also to take care about myself.

  • I just attended the course and it was a wonderful experience.
    Teacher transmits everything he knows, that it is not from everyone. thanks for everything 🙏🏻

  • Therapeutoc yoga TTC in Italy with Rajveer Singh has been a great experience that brought me back to the true meaning of yoga.
    I’m so grateful for master’s teachings and I’ll do MY best to teach with honesty everything I have learnt.
    Marzia Bendotti

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