Rajveer Singh Chouhan (International Yogacharya)

Rajveer Singh Chouhan is the founder and backbone of Live with Yoga centre in Jaipur, India and has successfully treated and trained more than 4000 people from all over the globe till date with his expertise in Iyengar Yoga. He is a Gold Medalist in PG Diploma in Yoga Education from Rajasthan University. He has treated a lot of patients suffering from severe diseases like Slip Disc, Diabetes, Depression, Joint Disorders and more. He has trained people of India, France, Italy, Canada, America, Australia etc. in Therapeutic Iyengar Yoga.

Rajveer Singh Chouhan was first introduced to yoga by his brother in law, Yogacharya Bharat Singh (certified yoga teacher), who inspired him to get a professional degree in the art of yoga and pursue it as a career. Yogacharya Bharat Singh continues to share his invaluable knowledge and expertise with him.

A major turning point in his life came when he met Karunakar Guruji (A certified yoga teacher by world renowned yoga guru Shri B.K.S Iyengar Ji). Shri Karunakar guruji is still training people at Puttur, Mangalore and visits "LIVE WITH YOGA" at least 3-4 times a year.

In 2005, this completely changed Rajveer Singh's perception and vision of yoga. It was Shri Karunakar Guruji, who introduced him to Therapeutic Iyengar yoga. Rajveer Singh was quite fascinated by the scientific logic and reasoning used in all the asanas of Iyengar yoga. He was very much impressed by the use of props in the asanas which helps people of any body type to perform asanas with ease.

He was surprised to know the remarkable benefits of structural alignment (body posture) of the body and breath control.  All these simple and effective methods of Therapeutic Iyengar yoga tempted him to learn Iyengar Yoga from Guruji and got certified in it.

He learnt Iyengar Yoga from him and after observing the benefits of the Iyengar yoga in his life he decided to give back to society by teaching them Iyengar yoga to let them overcome their physical and mental illnesses. To fulfil this dream he set up his "LIVE WITH YOGA" institute on 9-May-2005.

Mr. Rajveer Singh Chouhan and his team have dedicated themselves to train people in Iyengar yoga and let them experience the therapeutic benefits of yoga. Mr. Rajveer Singh has not looked back since and is continuously racing towards his prime aim to spread health and happiness through his "LIVE WITH YOGA" Centre in Jaipur, One and Only Therapeutic Iyengar Yoga Centre in Jaipur.