Yoga for Back Pain Relief

Get Permanent Relief from Back Pain with Therapeutic Iyengar Yoga Asanas

Asanas of Yoga for Back Pain Relief

Our back is what holds our body and we take it for granted. Most of the adults have back pain and only some of them are taking care of it and the one who takes care finds a typical solution for his/her pain. Back Pain can be due to many reasons either due to Muscular Spasm, Slipped Disc, Sciatica, etc. Back pain can become a serious issue damaging the health of a person severely if it is not treated at the right time, as it is the main cause of Disability, Chronic Pain and Missed Work globally.

The modern medical system has only limited solutions i.e. Painkillers or Spine Surgery. But wait, Is it really helping?

Not at all. But, Live With Yoga has the solution for you that is Therapeutic Yoga for Back Pain.

So save yourself from the risks of this underdog health problem with the help of Iyengar yoga. Save your health, time and money with this natural therapeutic yoga treatment without any side effects and never miss a day at work.

To get rid of Back Pain Pain completely, see supportive asanas for back pain treatment below and give it a try.

What is Back Pain?

It is the pain felt at the back of our body. It is divided into 3 parts - neck pain, middle back pain, and lower back pain or coccydynia (sacral pain).

The lumbar region is the most commonly affected area of the back as it is responsible for supporting most of the upper body’s weight.

Back pain can be acute (short duration) or chronic (long duration) depending on the condition of the patient and the duration of back pain.

A person suffering from back pain may feel extreme pain, burning sensation, piercing pain or dull aches. There are different types of back pain such as slip disc, sciatica, cervical spondylosis, and muscle spasms.

The pain can reach the arms, hands, legs, and feet. It may cause numbness and weakness in the entire body below the lumbar region (lower back). In severe cases, surgery may be required for the treatment of back pain.

Causes of Back Pain

Our body is made up of various bones, ligaments, muscles, discs, tendons, etc. and damage to any of these parts can cause back pain. In some cases, the exact cause of the back pain can’t be found out.

Some conditions which are linked with back pain as a causing factor are:

  1. Strain - Strain in the muscles and ligaments caused by lifting heavy objects or with wrong lifting techniques can increase stress on the back. Muscle spasms and tension can easily lead to back pain.   
  2. Disc Injuries: When a disk bulges out to get ruptured it places extra pressure over the nerves.
  3. Arthritis: Causes intense pain in the lower back and connected areas including the legs and the hips.
  4. Osteoporosis: The bone becomes soft and fragile and can be penetrated easily. They become more prone to fractures, strains, and hernias.
  5. Abnormal Curvature of Spine - Wrong alignment of the spine will not allow the spine to function properly.
  6. Kidney problems
  7. Skeletal irregularities
  8. Cauda equina syndrome
  9. Cancer of the spine - A tumor may act as a hurdle for the nerve to work properly.
  10. Infection of the spine
  11. Sleep Disorders - A person with a sleep disorder doesn’t get enough rest needed for the spine and the back region.
  12. Shingles
  13. Spinal stenosis
  14. Daily Movements - Sitting or standing for a long period. pushing, pulling, lifting and carrying heavy objects or with the wrong technique.  Twisting, overstretching, bending awkwardly, excessive driving, excessive use of gadgets with a screen,
  15. Body Posture - Wrong body posture creates pressure on only one region of the body and leads to back pain.

Risk Factors of Back Pain

Some common risk factors of the back pain are:

  1. Age
  2. Overweight
  3. Sedentary lifestyle
  4. Smoking
  5. Genetics
  6. Pregnancy
  7. Lack of physical exercise
  8. Tough physical exercises without proper guidance
  9. Anxiety and depression
  10. Occupations that require labor work.
  11. Bad physical fitness

Symptoms of Back Pain

A person with back pain shows some symptoms in the body which could lead to the identification of the problem.

Usually, the problem of back pain disappears after a few days but in some cases, this time duration can be much longer and needs immediate treatment. In some cases, the pain can be very severe and could interfere with the daily routine of a person.

Some common signs and symptoms of the back pain are:

  1. Pain - Pain in the back region, buttocks, and legs.
  2. Muscles ache
  3. Stabbing pain
  4. Pain increases with lifting, standing, bending and walking.
  5. Persistent and chronic back pain.
  6. Urinary incontinence
  7. Uncontrolled bowel movements
  8. Numbness around buttocks, anus, and genitals.

We have an easy solution for your back pain, you can try our Iyengar yoga for back pain relief, a therapeutic treatment which helps in removing the back pain within a few days and gives you a formula for healthy living.

Therapeutic Iyengar Yoga for Back Pain

A slipped disc can be cured by therapeutic yoga treatment, the treatment of Yoga for slip disc is assisted by a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet. With the help of yoga for slip disk, you can easily get relief from slip disc pain and save yourself from complicated surgeries.

If you are waiting outside an operation theatre, then please stop for a while and try our Iyengar yoga treatment for the slipped disc to save your precious health along with your time and money.

As slip disc patient is not in the condition to practice asanas. But with us, with our Therapeutic Yoga method, you can do this. Let’s take a look at Therapeutic iyengar yoga for slip disc which is performed with the help of props for the treatment of slipped disc. With the use of props, anyone can perform even the most difficult Yoga for slip disc within minutes.

Props are effective for beginners, people above 40 years of age, less flexible people, children, people with some disease or disability but strictly need a certified and experienced Therapeutic yoga teacher for the supervision.

Some common slipped disc yoga exercises or asanas which can be performed by slip disc patients are:


  • During the treatment, all the asanas for back pain will be performed with the help of props.
  • Patients will be treated by trained yoga teachers under the guidance of Yogacharya Rajveer Singh Chauhan.
  • The sequence and difficulty level of asanas may vary according to the condition of patients and their respective medical conditions.
  • Every person will be advised to perform asanas based on their current health, age and their present capacity to perform asanas.