Yoga For Hip Joint Pain

Get Permanent Hip Joint Pain Relief with Therapeutic Iyengar Yoga

Therapeutic Yoga For Hip Joint Pain

Some common yoga for hip joint pain which can be performed by patients are:


  • During the treatment, all the yoga for hip joint pain will be performed with the help of props.
  • Patients will be treated by the trained yoga teachers & under the guidance of Yogacharya Rajveer Singh Chauhan.
  • The sequence and difficulty level of asanas may vary according to the condition of patients and their respective medical conditions.
  • Every person will be advised to perform asanas based on their current health, age and their present capacity to perform asanas.

Hip pain is a term used for pain in the hip joint or the area around it.  Hip joint pain is a very common ailment ( medical condition). The pain inside your hip or your groin region can result from any trouble in the hip joint and the pain on the outside of your hips, outer buttock and upper thigh are caused by problems with ligaments, tendons, soft tissues around your hip joint and muscles.

The hip joint is the largest joint in the body and is able to handle continuous motions of the body and daily wear and tear.  When you use your hip joint for any movement a cushion of cartilage present in the joint prevents the joint from any damage. With continuous use and growing age, the cartilage can get damaged and can cause pain in the hips.

Hip joint pain can be caused by many reasons, the exact location of hip pain can help in identifying the real cause of the pain. Hip pain can be caused by other diseases and medical conditions present in the body. Some common reasons for hip joint pain are:

  1. Inflamed tendons/ Tendonitis -  it is the most common of short-term hip pain. It can be caused by too much exercise and could be very painful.
  2. Muscles and tendons in the hip can be overused.
  3. Bones in the hip can get break down due to an injury or a fall.
  4. Cartilage can get damaged due to regular use.
  5. Lower back pain can also cause hip joint pain, such a condition is known as referred pain.
  6. Disability- any kind of disability can also cause pain in the hip joints.
  7. Arthritis-  there are many types of arthritis which can cause pain in the hip joint, normally arthritis in the lower region of the body causes pain in the hips.
  8. Injuries- any injury around the hip region can cause hip joint pain, sprains and fractures around the hip joint could result in hip joint pain.
  9. Pinched nerves- diseases like sciatica can cause pain in the hip joints.
  10. cancer - bone cancer or any other cancer that has spread into bones could cause hip joint pain.
  11. Some other diseases which are associated with hip joint pain are Avascular necrosis, Legg-Calve-Perthes disease (in children)Osteomyelitis (a bone infection) Osteoporosis, Synovitis.

There are many symptoms associated with hip joint pain which can be easily noticed. Some common symptoms of hip joint pain are:

  1. Pain in the joints
  2. Groin pain
  3. Loss of motion of the hips
  4. Swelling of the hip
  5. Limping
  6. Tenderness of the hip
  7. Problem in sitting
  8. Pain while sleeping, walking, driving, exercising.
  9. Stiffness in the hip area.
  10. Lower back pain