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Therapeutic Yoga for Vertigo

Vertigo is a common but highly discomforting and irritating problem. It can easily make normal life difficult and lead to several unwanted problems especially if you are in the prime years of your life. Yoga can bring great relief to those suffering from the adverse effects of vertigo. Here is how it works.

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Know Everything About Vertigo

What is Vertigo?

Vertigo is a medical condition in which a person feels he or the things around him are moving or spinning. A person suffering from vertigo feels unbalanced and dizzy. In some cases, a person feels their head is moving.

Most commonly vertigo affects people above 60 years of age but it can happen at any age. It can be a temporary or long-term medical condition. People struggling with mental health are at more risk of vertigo and it could affect the daily life of the affected person to a large extent. People can cure it with the help of yoga for vertigo.


Vertigo is caused by problems in the inner ear of a person. There are many factors that can cause vertigo in a person, some of the common causes of vertigo are:

  1. Labyrinthitis- It is an inflammation of the inner ear labyrinth caused by viral infections, the inner ear labyrinth is responsible for maintaining the body’s motion, position, and sound.
  2. Vestibular neuronitis: it is also an inflammation of the inner ear caused by viral infections.
  3. Cholesteatoma: it is a skin growth that develops in the middle ear due to infections and can cause hearing loss.
  4. Meniere’s disease: it is a build-up of fluid in the ear which causes ringing in the ears and hearing loss and could lead to vertigo.
  5. BPPV- Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo occurs when tiny calcium particles clump up in the canals of the inner ear. The inner ear sends signals to the brain and is responsible for keeping the balance of the body.
  6. Migraine Headaches
  7. Head injuries/ trauma
  8. Certain medications
  9. Bed rest for a longer time
  10. Ear surgery
  11. Any person suffering from diseases like Otosclerosis, syphilis, stroke, transient ischemic attack, tumours, strokes, and multiple sclerosis is at more risk of vertigo.


A person suffering from vertigo disease shows many signs and symptoms which can help in identifying the disease. Some common symptoms of vertigo are:

  1. A person feels his head or his surroundings are moving or spinning.
  2. Balance problems.
  3. Tinnitus
  4. Motion sickness
  5. nausea and vomiting
  6. Headaches
  7. Abnormal  eye movements
  8. Hearing loss
  9. Ringing in the ears
  10. Excessive sweating

Preventions for Vertigo:

  • If you are suffering from vertigo, avoid activities that compel you to extend your neck. This includes reaching up to grab things, looking down from high-located terraces or vice versa, etc. 
  • Try not to rush yourself through everyday activities and try not to move your head a lot while performing them. 
  • Stay away from exercises or workouts that trigger vertigo symptoms.
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It helps gain better control over one’s brain, nerves and blood circulation thus reducing the symptoms and triggers of vertigo.


Yes, regular practice of yoga asanas and pranayama can strengthen your senses and responses to various triggers that cause vertigo.


Yes, it has shown positive effects on people experiencing adverse symptoms of vertigo.


Make sure you consult your doctor before starting the yoga routine and make sure you learn the right technique from a professional yoga teacher before including the asanas for vertigo in your routine.


Yes, hundreds of patients around the world have benefitted from it and you can too. For course and batch details, refer to our contact details.

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