10 Relaxing Yoga Poses For Stretches of The Shoulders

Modern technology offers us numerous benefits; it is an everlasting source of information and also helps us easily connected to our near and dear ones. But at present, many of us spend hours sitting in front of our laptops and by sticking to our mobile phones and devices. This increase in the use of these digital devices can be the risk factor for shoulder strain, as the shoulder is the most movable joint in the human body. With the increase in the workload, the mobility of the shoulder and its joints gets reduced somehow.

Here is a list of some stretches for the shoulders, which when performed with the help of therapeutic Yoga at ‘Live with Yoga’, will help you ease the strain from your shoulders.

1. Setu Bandha Sarvangasana (Bridge Pose)

Setu Bandha Sarvangasana

  • Lie down on your back.
  • After that bend your knees and keep your feet and hip-distance apart on the floor.
  • Here, at ‘Live with Yoga’ we try to practice this asana with the help of a chair and bolsters.
  • Take your arms beside your body, and your palms should be facing down.
  • Stay here for 5 long, deep breaths.
  • It will be very beneficial for stretches for the shoulders.

2. Adho Mukha Virasana (Child’s Pose)

Adho Mukha Virasana

  • Start this asana with the help of any kind of soft support like a cushion or a bolster.
  • Kneel down and place a pillow under your belly.
  • Open your knees out toward the corner of your mat and rest your belly and chest between your thighs.
  • Spread your arms out in front of you.

3. Paschimottanasana (Supported Forward Bend)


  • Sit on the floor in front of a chair.
  • Place a pillow on the chair, and rest your head on the pillow with your arms just under your forehead.
  • Gently stretch the neck muscles by dropping the chin to the chest.
  • Stay here for 5 long, deep breaths.

4. Rope Yoga

  • Sit on the floor in front of a chair.
  • Place a pillow on the chair, and rest your head on the pillow with your arms just under your forehead.
  • Gently stretch the neck muscles by dropping the chin to the chest.
  • Stay here for 5 long, deep breaths.

5. Paschim Namaskar Asana (Reverse Prayer)

  • Sit comfortably and stretches for the shoulders to either side of the body and, bending elbows, reach arms behind back.
  • Press palms together in a prayer position on the spine and reach hands as high up the spine as feels good.
  • Stay here for 5 deep breaths.

6. Garudasana (Eagle Pose)

  • From standing, hug left knee to chest.
  • Bend right knee and cross left leg around the right leg, hooking left foot on either side of the right leg.
  • Wrap right arm under the right arm.
  • This can be performed by holding the rope.
  • Sit down as low as you can and lift up through arms to stay balanced, reaching elbows and fingertips up and away from the face.
  • Stay here for 5 long, deep breaths.
  • Repeat on the other side.

7. Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)

  • Lie face-down, bend knees, and grab ankles.
  • Press and grab feet into hands, keeping knees hip-width apart and lift the chest.
  • Perform using a block or bolster under your belly for the support.
  • Staying here for 5 Min deep breaths is very beneficial for stretches for the shoulders.

8. Bharadvajasan (Seated Twist)

  • Sit with legs crossed and stretching your spine tall.
  • Place your left hand on your right knee and your right arm on the floor at your right hip.
  • Now breath in and turn your shoulders and upper torso to the right.
  • Then twisting right, ensuring your left hip stays grounded.
  • Lift as you inhale and turn as you exhale.
  • Keep your gaze over your right shoulder.
  • Try to keep your shoulders at the same height, and keep your neck soft.
  • Hold for a few breaths, and then come back to the center. Repeat on the other side.

9. Gomukhasana (Cow Pose)

  • Kneel and reach the right arm to the ceiling.
  • Bend right elbow and allow the right hand to fall between shoulder blades.
  • In the case of strain, bring the right arm down to hold the pillow between both the hands.
  • Lean back slightly into arms, ensuring that the right arm isn’t putting any pressure on the neck.
  • Stay here for 5 deep breaths.

10. Thread The Needle

  • Start on your hands and knees in a tabletop position.
  • Lift your right arm up towards the sky to feel a stretch through your side. Then slide your right hand between your left hand and left knee to “thread the needle.” Let your right shoulder and right side of your headrest comfortably on the floor.
  • Walk your left fingers towards the top of the mat to straighten the arm. To deepen the stretch, roll onto your right shoulder a bit more.
  • Hold for eight breaths, now take your left palm back under your left shoulder and press back up to a tabletop. Switch sides.

CONCLUSION – In order to eliminate the strain of the shoulders, the above yoga for shoulder pain should be practiced in a unique way with the help of support along with well-trained yogacharyas and teachers at LIVE WITH YOGA centre in Jaipur.

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