Herniated Disc Exercises to Avoid without Support

More than 80% of the population is suffering from extreme back pain owing to different reasons. Most of them suffer from slip disc or herniated disc that is now more commonly noticed and reported by people. A person having a slipped disc is in a very painful and debilitating condition. It is also known as a herniated disc, ruptured disc or bulging disc. Slip disc is mostly caused by chronic movements like forwar bending etc.

So, how can this slip disc be treated? Yoga has the solution. Yoga is overall a brilliant therapy for slip disc because it uplifts correct posture, stretching and breathing while decreasing stress and muscle tension.

The dedicated practice of yoga for slipped disc is very helpful, but if done improperly, yoga can also be harmful too. Practising asana teaches the person suffering from herniated disc to become more conscious about the body while sitting, bending and lifestyle adjustments will come naturally when moving in daily life, but stretching and overstretching improperly can sometimes be proven worse for the situation.

So, it is better to get a knowledge about which asana is good and bad for your particular condition. Therapeutic Yoga can definitely help the person to get relief from the pain caused by slip disc, but that too work accordingly if the person has correct information about the benefits and limitations of asana to be practiced to eliminate the slip disc.

Here is the list of the some yoga poses to avoid with herniated disc. But the same asanas can be proved beneficial for the slip disc pain relief if they will be performed with the help of any kind of support or props as in therapeutic yoga.

Last but not the least, all we can say is try modernizing the usual yoga by practising these above-mentioned asanas through Iyengar yoga method i.e with support or props and observe the changes within yourself. Supportive Slip Disc Treatment by Yoga is very much effective and powerful.

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